What does the light on the box mean?

  • If you see a red light on the front of your box, it means that it is receiving power but is in standby mode. Simply press the power button on your Lightband remote to turn the box on.
  • If you see a blue light on the front of your box that is solid, then your box is powered on and ready to go. A blue light that is flashing means that the box is loading.
  • If there is NO light on the front of the box, please contact Technical Support right away. There may be a power issue with your box and we may need to replace it. 

Note: Depending on the specific model of your Set-top box, the colors and placement of the lights may vary.

Stuck on loading screen?

Make sure the Ethernet cable installed is connected to your Set Top Box. If the cable is connected, then perform a reboot on the Set Top Box.

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